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Study the Bible on Your Android Mobile or Tablet

Read the bible and refer to commentaries wherever you are

  • over 40 English versions of the bible including ESV, KJV and NET
  • totally offline after initial downloads
  • the bible in over 700 different languages - Swedish, Hungarian, Chinese, Russian and many more
  • 26 commentaries
  • uses the JSword engine from CrossWire
  • user interface translated into many different languages
  • the code is open source so you can see how it works and improve it
  • you can add more bibles to the list via the CrossWire site
  • free to you with no ads or nagging e-mails

This bible downloads bible documents and uses software from the [ CrossWire] web-site.


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The easiest way is to download from Google Play Store, Amazon, AppBrain or SlideMe.

Alternatively, to install the bible apk manually either:

  • copy AndBible-?.?.?.apk to your sd card via a USB connection
  • install a File Manager like Astro onto your Android mobile
  • in the file manager navigate to the sd card and click on the AndBible-?.?.?.apk OR
  • install the apk by running 'adb install AndBible-?.?.?.apk'

Vote for Features

You may now vote for or suggest features you would like to be added to And Bible.

Getting Help

There are many notes, including an FAQ, on the wiki.

The And Bible Discussion Group allows you to ask questions or discuss And Bible features.

Alternatively e-mail

Also see the introductory videos:


Translation of user interfaces:

If you would like to contribute a new translation or update an existing translation it is easier now than ever before. We use a simple translation tool named Transifex. To become involved in translating And Bible then please e-mail And Bible Support.


If you find a problem then please report it in the And Bible Issue Tracker. If you can analyze, debug or even conribute a fix that would be even better.


Code enhancements are welcome for review and possible inclusion in the next build. Please email And Bible Support to discuss development work you are considering.